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My definition of Success - Tshilidzi “The Coach” Radali

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My definition of Success

If success means more money; hard work equals success, therefore, hard laborers would be stinking rich.

One strategist once said to me, “get a few ‘white friends’, dress nice, go to Sandton on different days and take few pics with them. Post each pic on different days and says ‘just clinched another deal’… That way you will attract more business your way.”

What i saw from all that was that, we living in an image-cautious era where what looks right sells, whether authenticity is proven or not.

I refuse to be “popular”… I subscribe to making an impact through purposeful living.

Tshilidzi The Coach Radali
Life coach and NLP practitioner

My name is Tshilidzi Radali a qualified Life Coach and NLP practitioner. Let me help you run through this journey to a desired you that is fulfilling their God-assigned purpose.

Tshilidzi Radali

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