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From my heart - Tshilidzi “The Coach” Radali

From my heart

I’ve have sat with frustrated, confused, broken, shattered, indecisive, unstable, clueless beings. Some whose journeys seemed like like they were one foot in the grave, not literally so, but because their minds had reached a cul-de-sac.

Heard deep groanings of men and women twice my age and experienced uncontrollable tears of my peers and those younger. I carried their weight and loads as i facilitated the most difficult exercise.

The most memorable moments are seeing a penny drop, an act of realization that activates transformation in one’s life.

Many are times i wanted to quit, give up and throw in the towel. Told myself, “I’m too young for all this. After all, i got my own wheelbarrow to push.”

But again, a voice of reason whispered, “outside this life, you have no life.”

My name is Tshilidzi Radali a qualified Life Coach and NLP practitioner. Let me help you run through this journey to a desired you that is fulfilling their God-assigned purpose.
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