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Tshilidzi “The Coach” Radali - Know Yourself Better

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Tshilidzi "The Coach" Radali

Know Yourself Better

Let me help you cut the negative strings that hold back your progress.

Unlimited follow-ups after consultations

Clients are given unlimited follow-ups through WhatsApp and emails at the end of planned session/s.

No pandemic fear

Course, workshops and sessions are also conducted telephonically and through different virtual platforms.

Work at your own pace

Three days of interactive coaching programmes available where you start and complete at your own pace.

“Know yourself better”

A programme for Personal development.

“Build to Last”

A programme for relationships.


Our services are summarised below. Please feel free to make use of the form below the summary to inform us of your needs and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

Dating Coaching

Starting a relationship may seem easy, however, it can't be ignored that most people nowadays see relationships as an institution that often brings them no return on investment.
Let me help you ask the right questions and observe the right signs from that initial date.

Pre-marital coaching & counseling

The thrill of a beautiful wedding can easily overshadow the thinking of newlyweds so much they become strangers to themselves days/months later.
Preparation is everything in building a lasting and healthy marriage.

Life Purpose Coaching

The most frustrating thing in life is spending your time, effort and money chasing dreams that never give you contentment. All this happen when you haven't realized your unique life purpose.
Let me help you realize yours today.

Relationship Repair

After having built what you both believed is eternity, issues of life happen that easily shake your relationship off balance. Trust issues, infidelity or undealt with past matters. No dent is difficult to repair if there is willingness.

Personal development coaching

Everything starts from Identity, Purpose and then knowing your worth. Before you think of changing careers or upgrading your life in any area, a clear strategy is what you need, on a personal level.

Effective parenting coaching

Living in this technology-infested era. Parenting has become more challenging as we now compete with gadgets for attention from our kids. Our voices are no longer heard whilst kids feel we've neglected them while chasing our dreams, to fend for them.

Boy/Girl Child Mentoring

Structured coaching sessions to help your little one navigate through adulthood without feeling alone. Helping them focus on what matters at their age and preparing for the adult world ahead.


The approach is not just focusing on team performance but also analyzing individual needs and interests before forming a winning team for your organization.

Leadership / Management Coaching

Aimed at helping you become an inspirational leader whose name will echo through the minds of those you are leading, even in your absence.

Transformational Speaking

Away from just motivating you, Transformational speaking triggers action after the talk. For any type of function, we are here for you.

Queens raising Kings

A support platform aimed at providing needed support to mothers who are rising a boychild in the 21st century

• A 24Hrs active whatsapp group accessed by parents (Guardians) who have registered is available.
• A once-off registration fee will grant you access.
• With monthly Zoom meetings to address a specific topic
More Information on QUEENS raising KINGS

Please complete the below form for a no-obligation contact from us to assist you in determining your needs and requirements.

Open Form

Sessions Pricelist

  1. Once-off session – R350.00 (virtual/telephonic)
  2. Individual session – R750.00 (1 face-to-face session and 1 telephonic/virtual follow-up session)
  3. Couples package – R2500.00 (1 session with each partner and 1 combined)
  4. Pre-marital coaching – R2500.00 (3 sessions)
  5. Teambuilding coaching, Workshop/seminar facilitation – T&Cs apply

*NB: A session is 1 hour – 1hr30m long

Request Information for a Change

Please request information for a no-obligation contact from us to assist you in determining your needs and requirements.

Corporate Projects

Date: 2018-09-01

Client: FS Shuttle Service

Skills: Corporate coaching

Corporate coaching: Conducted 6 months of staff coaching to help uplift staff morale. The approach was through two major group coaching sessions and individual sessions for 8 staff members on a monthly base.

Date: 2020-05-01

Client: CV Chabane & Associates

Skills: Corporate coaching

Corporate Teambuilding: Staff strategic planning and Teambuilding sessions (2 days).

Monthly Workshops

Find out more about our Upcoming Monthly Workshop and sign up if you wish.

Workshops, Courses and Inspirational

Ask a man With The Coach

All your relationship questions and mysteries will be answered. Zoom online meeting. Register here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/V5VTYQD Date  : 07 October 2021…


How you go about it may differ from someone else, don't undermine your strategy.. It remains relevant to YOU alone.

From my heart

I've have sat with frustrated, confused, broken, shattered, indecisive, unstable, clueless beings. Some whose journeys seemed like like they were…

My definition of Success

If success means more money; hard work equals success, therefore, hard laborers would be stinking rich.One strategist once said to…


  • Ever since our session, I feel so good… I can say now I am content and feeling whole from inside… no more looking down on myself… Thank you so much.

  • Thank you very much, the sessions we had has made a huge contribution towards a lot of things. I am a better person now and I can say that I have now realized my worth. I now know that I cannot pour from an empty jar and that love starts from the inside before it can come outside. Thank you very much, God bless.

  • Very true and even though you are not here anymore, always know that you played a big role in many peoples’ lives. As for me I always remember you and your leadership, I miss it. Wish to have more people like you.

  • I was going through a lot at the moment and I approached him. What I have realized about this phenomenal coach is that he listens attentively. He fully understands and loves what he does. Every time we had a session, he would assure me that whatever we discuss here, it stays here unless it is life-threatening. Book him and you will never be the same again.



""Be so worthy that when people tackle real life issues they consider your opinion, in action or thought."

- Tshilidzi  Radali

Tshilidzi Radali is a personal development, relationships, Life purpose, inspirational leadership and effective parenting coach who helps individuals transform themselves by getting to know themselves better to be the best they aspire to be in all spheres of life.

A devoted married husband and father, Tshilidzi started his coaching business in 2018 to help individuals and organizations find their purpose and to excel in what they do.

Prior to being an entrepreneur, Tshilidzi spent over fourteen years in the railways transport industry and has a vast experience in transport and logistics including change management workshops.

Today Tshilidzi offers a wide range of coaching programs and services – from individual coaching, couples coaching and counselling (pre-marital coaching and counselling included), teambuilding workshops, youth engagements, teacher-learner involvements, business strategic sessions, to seminars and keynote speeches.

Tshilidzi is also a qualified Facilitator and Assessor accredited with SASSETA and facilitates Life coaching, Coaching for managers, Emotional intelligence, Public speaking, Sales, Leadership and Personal branding courses.


Please contact us for coaching sessions, courses and workshops.

Contact Info

073 189 9513
Ruimsig, Roodepoort